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Big enough to serve. Small enough to care.

Proud Fundraising Partner for the Ohio Middle Level Association

Over 34 years of Success

United Fundraising specializes in helping grade schools, middle schools and youth groups meet their fundraising needs through magazine drive programs.

Our programs are customized for each group, and they draw from decades of success. Our customer service program leads the industry, and we have an overwhelming amount of satisfied return customers!

A former National Field Sales Manager of the Year at QSP, Joe Schneeberger and his sons founded United Fundraising in 2005. They are well known for the energy and excitement brought to schools with magazine-drive fundraising, as well as chocolate, food, and gift sales. Their programs are upbeat, fun and low-pressure. United Fundraising quickly became one of the best-known and most successful fundraising companies in the Northeast Ohio area.

The business grew, but Joe decided to keep his operations small. He wanted to remain personally involved with his customers. United Fundraising needed to be “Big enough to serve…yet small enough to care.”


A United Fundraising assembly is a fun, motivating experience for the students.

The United Fundraisng team customizes an assembly based on your school or group. We visit your school with an exciting, high-energy presentation that explains the fundraising drive to the students.

The drives we present are low-pressure, but still challenging and fun for the kids.

Rewards & Prizes

We motivate the students at our assemblies with exciting prizes and rewards. In a time when the average middle school student already owns video games, an iPod and a cell phone, it takes creative ideas to get kids interested in fundraising.

United Fundraising offers great incentives for students to participate. Check out some examples in our Incentives tab!

Our Customers Stay With Us

We work hard to provide the best service in the industry. And it shows in our impressive customer retention! The average customer has been with United Fundraising for over 10 years!